Road safety tips for motorists and runners

Running can be hazardous as motorists tear past at high speed or back out of their driveway without looking properly.  Safety is a shared responsibility between the motorist and the runner.  The runner should not be listening their favourite track on their I-pod, they should be listening to traffic noise.  The runner should be wearing some form of reflective running gear, such as a reflective vest or reflective belt, in order to make themselves highly visible in conditions of poor visibility.   Sadly, not all runners are responsible and it is up to the motorist to help them survive their run!


1. Motorists must ensure that their all their windows are clean, so their visibility isn’t impaired.

2. Use headlights when visibility is impaired, not only will you be seen more clearly, but you will also pick up any reflective gear worn by other road users.

3. Try to avoid going straight through puddles and splashing runners.

4. In snowy conditions, runners may be obliged to run on the road as the pavements haven’t been cleared.  Please treat them with respect and leave plenty of room when overtaking.

5. Keep to the speed limits – they are there for a reason.

6. Always indicate your intentions well in advance of manoeuvring.  This gives runners time to change their path and avoid colliding into a turning vehicle.

7. Before reversing out of your driveway, check the area for runners.  They may be totally immersed in their favourite radio programme and not paying attention to the traffic.

8. If you park your car on the road, look very carefully for runners before you open your car door.

9. Unless there is imminent danger to you or the runner, don’t use your horn.  This can cause the runner to panic and perhaps trip and fall.

10. Cell phones should not be used when driving.  In most countries it is illegal to use a cell phone when driving, but it doesn’t seem to deter a lot of people.  Talking on a cell phone or texting means you are not giving 100% of your attention to the road and other road users.

11. Beware of groups of runners, not only are there more of them to watch, but they may be having a deep meaningful conversation and trying to save the planet, which means their attention is not 100% on the road and other road users.

12. Remember that runners are meant to run against the flow of traffic, however sometimes they don’t for a variety of reasons.