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man and woman doing cross training exercises

The Benefits Of Cross Training

It is hard to believe that it is really only over the last fifteen years that cross training has become a part of most athletes’ training schedule. Cross training involves incorporating a variety of different types of exercise into a training programme, such as resistance training, stretching (including yoga and Pilates) and non impact endurance […]

runners jogging in snow

How To Stay Motivated To Run This Winter

REMEMBER YOUR GOALS Ask yourself why you run. What are your goals? When you have clearly defined your reasons for running, make cards stating these reasons and place them by your alarm clock so when you are tempted to press the snooze button that card will be there to guilt you into action. If you […]

personal protection equipment

Safe On The Job: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Every work situation has its own set of hazards such as falling objects, traffic dangers, chemical spills and excess noise which affects hearing, to name but a few. It is the responsibility of the employer to protect the employees so that accidents do not occur. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is equipment which is worn […]

trail or fell running safety

Tips For Fell Running Safety

HISTORY It is reported the first fell run took place in Scotland in around 1064, when King Malcolm Canmore decided he needed to organize a race to find the fastest messenger in the area. From the nineteenth century onward, fell running became part of community fairs, alongside wresting and hammer throwing. The most famous of […]

roller skiing safety

Safety And Reflective Gear For Roller Skiing

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this rapidly growing sport, roller skiing was first developed in the 1930’s as a way for cross country skiers to continue training throughout the summer months. It is now a recognised competitive sport, and races are held throughout the world. WHY ROLLER SKI? Roller skis are shorter […]

marathon runners

4 North American Marathons For Your Bucket List

Training and finally running that marathon not only breeds health and vitality but also leaves you with a great sense of achievement. Camaraderie, glorious scenery and that great feeling when it’s all over, are only part of the joy of running a marathon. In the States, it is estimated that nearly 600,000 people finish at […]

pink reflective vest by Tuvizo

Introducing The Pink Reflective Vest By Tuvizo

At Tuvizo we continue to expand our range and deliver excellent quality products. The latest addition to the Tuvizo family is a pink reflective vest, to partner with the already popular yellow vest. This highly attractive and versatile reflective vest comes in two sizes :- S/M/L – Waist band – 63cm – 100 cm (25″ […]

Triathlon word cloud

Triathlon 101: Training For Success

It’s not for the faint hearted but that feeling of achievement makes it all worthwhile. If you love to run, swim and cycle, then this may be for you. In the scheme of things, triathlon is a relatively new sport, begun by a group of friends in Mission Bay, Southern California in 1974. The friends […]