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Josie Dew – Cycling Fanatic And Travel Writer

What an amazing lady Josie Dew is.  Not only has she been passionate about cycling since she was 11 years old, but she was determined not to let the birth of her children interrupt her travels.  Josie’s first baby, Mollie, was born in 2006 and initially accompanied her strapped to the back of the bike […]

Headaches While Exercising

Headaches are a common occurrence among people who exercise regularly.  The jury is out on the exact cause of headaches but it is thought that it is partly due to the change in blood flow to the brain that occurs during exercise.  Running, swimming, weightlifting, rowing and tennis are the top sports when it comes […]

The History Of The Ultramarathon

Edward Payson Weston was an American who found fame by walking long distances.  Long distance walking became a celebrity sport in the States in the mid to late nineteenth century, with thousands turning out to cheer on their heroes. Weston, who was later nicknamed Weston the Pedestrian by the press, made a name for himself […]

Snow Biking On Fat Bikes

Winter is fast approaching in the northern hemisphere and the tracks and roads that were used for running, walking, horse riding and cycling could soon be under snow.  Why not take up the challenge and join the snow biking fanatics this winter? THE BIKE Fat bikes or snow bikes have been around for well over […]

Cycle Coast To Coast In The States

If you have two months or more to spare and want an adventure of a lifetime, then consider taking the time to cycle coast to coast – Seattle to Boston or San Diego to St. Augustine in Florida or one of the other routes on offer. You can even cycle all the way from San […]

Running As A Family

Serious runners spend many hours away from their families with their daily running, cross training, club meetings, physical therapy and massages. Many runners enjoy their ‘alone’ time, which allows them to put life’s daily stresses into perspective but there is no reason why the rest of the family cannot be involved. TINY TOTS When children […]

Five International Marathons For Your Bucket List

Runners around the world share the same passion for their chosen sport.  They don’t need to speak another language; running is a language of its own which brings like minded people together.  So pack your running shoes, water bottle, reflective vest or reflective band, and head off for an adventure on another continent. ATHENS MARATHON […]

The New Tuvizo Reflective Belt

Tuvizo is one hundred per cent committed to helping people stay safe while practising their chosen form of exercise.  This commitment has prompted the inclusion of another quality product to our range – a plain elastic reflective belt.   This fully adjustable reflective belt is available in yellow and pink and opens and closes with a […]

Tuvizo Pink Reflective Vest

At Tuvizo we continue to expand our range and deliver excellent quality products.  The latest addition to the Tuvizo family is a pink reflective vest, to partner the already popular yellow vest.  This highly attractive and versatile  reflective vest comes in two sizes: S/M/L  –  Waist band –  63cm – 100 cm (25″ – 34″) […]