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Dervla Murphy – Cyclist, Traveller And Writer

Dervla Murphy celebrates her 83rd birthday today, the 28th day of November and what an 83 years it has been.  She has spent her life cycling and travelling and writing 25 books about her adventures and her views on various political situations around the world. YOUNG LIFE Dervla Murphy couldn’t be any more Irish – there isn’t […]

Jim Fixx – The Man Who Started It All

The New York City Marathon was held last Sunday 2nd of November and it is a good time to remember Jim Fixx. How many of you recognize the name Jim Fixx? He is the man who is praised for getting Americans to realize that jogging and running are good for your health. He wrote books, appeared […]

The World Runners Association

  If you are planning to take your running or walking up a notch, why not join the newly formed World Runners Association.  Before you get over excited and don your reflective running vest and running shoes, you need to realise that membership is not as simple as it sounds. MEMBERSHIP TO THE WORLD RUNNERS […]

The UCI World Tour

This is the ultimate cycling race which incorporates stages of some of the best cycling races and one day classics in the world and is held over a period of nine months and covers four continents – Australasia, Europe, the Americas and Asia.  Eighteen ProTeams  are selected through various criteria, including ethical, financial, administrative and […]

34th Beijing Marathon Marred By Smog

Nearly 30,000 runners began the 34th Beijing Marathon at Tiananmen Square on the 19th October and many of them were wearing masks in an effort to try and combat the awful smog which filled the air.  Runners were given sponges to wipe off the grime while running. “MIGHT BE A LITTLE SMOG” On the day […]

Chicago Marathon Winners – 2014

The 37th Chicago Marathon was run on 12th October 2014 and again, the Kenyans came out top.  Nearly 45,000 runners pounded the streets of Chicago and it is estimated that 1.7 million people cheered on the runners. LADIES  – RITA JEPTOO Rita Jeptoo, from Kenya, has won the last two Chicago and Boston Marathons.  This […]

How To Set Up Your Road Bike

A well set-up bike is not only a joy to ride, but it helps prevent long term injuries and takes less effort to achieve the same results.  If you are finding your ride uncomfortable, either take it to a professional to have it properly fitted or follow the simple instructions below and you will notice […]