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Runners Top 10 YouTube Channels

YouTube is home to a plethora of videos. As the second largest search engine, following its’ owner Google, the video-sharing platform has become synonymous with online video. In fact, according to YouTube’s statistics page, the number of people watching videos on the platform per day rose by 40 percent year on year since March 2014. From […]


Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Cyclists

YouTube has taken the world by storm since its launching in February 2005. Its success has grown so much that according to the video-sharing giant’s statistics page, the number of hours that people have spent watching videos has increased by 60% year-on-year, the fastest growth that they have seen in the last two years. YouTube […]

hay fever

Fighting Off Hay Fever with Exercise

Here comes spring season! The snow thaws, the flowers bloom, the trees grow thick with leaves, and the grass look greener than ever before. For many, this season is one of the most beautiful times of the year. While many bask in the gorgeous colours of spring, people suffering from hay fever dread the emergence […]

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Why You’ll Never Succeed At Running

Part of the beauty of running is that it isn’t a complicated sport thus allowing you to lace up your trainers and run on virtually every surface. Numerous studies have also found that running has several physical and mental benefits including boosting your immune system, helping you relieve stress, and allowing you to lose weight. […]