How Busy Moms Can Squeeze in Running in Their Routine

Moms often have a lot on their plate. From managing the household to taking kids to school, a workout routine for moms is really more of a luxury than a need. According to clinical psychologist Lavina Rodriguez, Ph.D., while the most common excuse for not exercising is “no time,” there are deeper reasons like lack of motivation, negative associations, lack of enjoyment, fear, and low self-esteem.

If you’re a weary mom with an endless to-do list wondering how you can exercise, take heart! Running just might be the perfect workout for you! We’ll help you figure out how you can squeeze in running to your daily routine. Let’s get started!

Plan it ahead of time. Decide what time and day you will run. Make this your personal appointment to yourself, or even better join a group. It would be best to do it early in the morning before everybody wakes up in your house. Positive Psychology expert Derrick Carpenter said, “Exercise is extensively linked to positive emotion. It promotes natural boosts in our mood.”

Not only that, when you maintain a regular exercise routine like running, it can reduce your anxiety and stress levels. By the time you get back home from your morning run, you’re already in a positive mood ready to welcome your busy day.

Take advantage of your commute time. Master trainer Monica Velasquez said, “Running is a great workout, but it’s also great transportation.” You can jog to the supermarket or anywhere you need to go for your errands. Put your cards, keys, cash, and mobile phone in a fanny pack so that you’re not bringing unnecessary bags while you jog.

If running is challenging for you, try brisk walking and biking. These exercises will get you to where you want to go while helping you burn some calories. Now that’s multitasking at its’ ‘finest!

Bring the kids along. Ever heard of jogging strollers? Bring your little one along for a ride. You can also strap in your baby into a carrier and walk your tot! Run at a park near you or just around the community where you live. Wear Tuvizo’s reflective vest to increase your visibility on the road.

If you have bigger kids, make this your bonding time with them! They have all the energy to run around. Not only that, they will definitely give you some serious competition should you decide to turn your running exercise into a race!

Run in place. If you’re just at home folding the laundry or watching your favourite program, turn it into an exercise opportunity! Jog in place while you’re doing chores at home that requires you to stand or sit idly for a long time. You can still burn some calories even while you’re doing your seemingly mundane chores.

You can do it 10 minutes at a time! Exercising in short spurts has its advantages. Studies show that several 10-minute workouts will burn you more calories per minute! It also lessens your tendency to eat a lot compared to one-hour exercises, which psychologically, gives you the urge to eat more because you feel you burned a lot, therefore, you earned it.

Use your break time for exercise. Are you a working mom stuck in an office chair for eight long hours? Devote half an hour jogging during your lunch break. Not only will you come back refreshed and more alert, you will also feel more confident knowing that you’re a few calories lighter!

These are just some of the many ways you can make running a part of your busy day. It all starts with being intentional, committed, and planning ahead to make sure that you’re able to run regularly. Remember, momma, when you make time for running, you’re also making time for yourself!

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