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Awesome Substitutes for Your Favourite Carbs with Recipes to Get You Started

Low-carbohydrate diets are a hot trend in today’s food industry. [TWEET THIS!] Fitness enthusiasts and weight watchers alike are constantly on the lookout for the newest dietary alternative to improve their food intake. Meanwhile, food manufacturers and establishments are scrambling to keep up with consumer demands. Many people think that the low-carb diet is a […]

Making the Most Out of Your Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers have grown in popularity over recent years. [TWEET THIS!] From simple pedometers to smart watches, people now have an array of gadgets to choose from. At first you might feel like it’s a shiny new toy that will help you get into shape. To some extent, it does. But after a few weeks, […]

How to Break a Fitness Plateau

At some point during your fitness training, you might find yourself hitting a point where you stop seeing progress in your workout. [TWEET THIS!] You might even feel like no matter how hard you hit the gym, you’re not seeing the results you’ve been hoping for. A plateau is a phenomenon that has been found […]

Staying Fit While Injured

Taking leave due to injury can be a tough pill to swallow for endurance athletes. It’s a pain to hold back from your daily workout routine especially when you’re in the middle of your training. However, setting your routine aside can help you heal faster. Continuing your routine amidst an injury can worsen the pain […]

Can Diet and Exercise Help You Live Longer?

Great news, America! Life expectancy in the U.S. rose to all-time high of 78.74 years! According to the World Health Organization, majority of the world’s population can safely see themselves living into their 60s. People are living longer than ever before. With medical research and rapid technological development, longevity is within our grasps. However, in […]

hay fever

Fighting Off Hay Fever with Exercise

Here comes spring season! The snow thaws, the flowers bloom, the trees grow thick with leaves, and the grass look greener than ever before. For many, this season is one of the most beautiful times of the year. While many bask in the gorgeous colours of spring, people suffering from hay fever dread the emergence […]

running outdoors

Why You’ll Never Succeed At Running

Part of the beauty of running is that it isn’t a complicated sport thus allowing you to lace up your trainers and run on virtually every surface. Numerous studies have also found that running has several physical and mental benefits including boosting your immune system, helping you relieve stress, and allowing you to lose weight. […]


Exercising Your Way To More Productive Days

Living an active lifestyle has been known to improve your health. It’s one way to keep your body at its prime and your hormones in check. It helps your muscles and bones to stay strong and even helps ward off diseases by strengthening your immune system. But did you know that exercising can also positively […]

home workout

MacGyvering Your Home Workout Routine

Living a fit and active lifestyle doesn’t mean spending your time solely at the gym. You can still have a fulfilling fitness routine right in the comfort of your home. You just need to MacGyver it! Yes, you read that right—MacGyver it! Unless you’ve been living away in a hole, you’ve probably heard of Angus […]

Clever Ways To Sneak More Veggies Into Your Diet

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t only about accomplishing fitness routines, staying active or maintaining a great physique but it is also about including a proper, well-balanced diet. After all, your daily performance is only as good as the food that fuels your body. We’ve heard it all before; vegetables are filled with all the good […]