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Top 10 Camping Necessities

Camping is a great outdoor activity for everyone. It gives you the chance to not only bond with family or friends, but also escape the hustle and bustle in the city and commune with nature. But to make sure that your camping trip is as fun and safe as you hoped, you must have all […]

The Ultimate Guide to Building Upper Body Strength

Strong legs are everything to runners and cyclists. They are the physical manifestation of their extensive strength training and endurance workout routines.  However, while powerful legs are fundamental to these sports, a toned upper body can help you improve [TWEET THIS!]. As a runner, your arms do more than swing back and forth. They help your […]


World’s Most Unusual Marathons

Since we’ll be talking about unusual marathons today, how about we kick it off with some trivia? The term marathon takes its name from the famous battle in 490 B.C. when the Athenians triumphed over the Persians. To spread the news of victory, a Greek champion runner and soldier named Pheidippides ran 25 miles from […]

spring clean your running gear

This Is How You Should Spring Clean Your Workout Gear

After months of long, cold winter days, it is finally time to welcome spring! As the warmer season ushers in, it’s high time to clear out winter apparel from your wardrobe and reevaluate your workout gear, too. Just like your favorite clothes need special attention, so do your exercise apparels [TWEET THIS!]. How you clean your […]

kicking out winter blues

Staying On Top And Overcoming The Winter Blues

Shorter days, longer nights, and dropping temperature—that’s the basic definition of winter. Sheets of white flurries coat everything outside from pavements to rooftops. While most enjoy the bundling season, the frigid weather can get the best of us. In fact, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects about 10 million Americans, making these two winter months unbearable […]