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Triathlon 101: Training For Success

It’s not for the faint hearted but that feeling of achievement makes it all worthwhile. If you love to run, swim and cycle, then this may be for you. In the scheme of things, triathlon is a relatively new sport, begun by a group of friends in Mission Bay, Southern California in 1974. The friends […]

first marathon

How To Run And Complete Your First Marathon

You began by walking, progressed to jogging and now you can comfortably run 10 k, and have your sights set on running a marathon. It’s really not as daunting as it first appears. All it requires is a good training programme; good nutrition and staying motivated and focused on your goal. SAFETY AND INJURY PREVENTION […]

Why We Love To Run

People run for different reasons such as weight loss, fitness or just because they love to run.  They drag themselves out of bed, don their fluorescent tops, reflective running belts and reflective running vest and go out in all weathers, to run.  They experience pain, frustration and loneliness but they continue to do it – why? Most […]