Cyclist, Charlie Walker, Is Home For Christmas

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Charlie Walker was hiking in the Himalaya in 2008, when he dreamt of cycling from the Dead Sea to Mount Everest. This idea mushroomed into a four year trip which meant the equivalent of cycling twice around the world. Charlie Walker left home in the UK on 1st July 2010 and returned home over four years later on 23rd November 2014. His ethos was to be open to all adventures and if he spotted a mountain he wanted to climb, he would do so. During his 1,606 days away, Charlie covered 43,630 miles.


Charlie was on a strict budget and only spent £1 a day on food and accommodation, so camping and home cooking were the order of the day. Charlie’s bike was a modified second-hand Marin-Muirwoods which he named “Old Geoff”, and was fitted with a Flyer Special saddle.

Charlie’s front and rear panniers contained his life – camping gear, minimal clothing, cycling kit, tools and a few spares, camera and iPod. Noticeably, Charlie didn’t take a cycling helmet or a reflective cycling vest or reflective belt.


Charlie’s plan was to avoid commercial transportation and cycle everywhere he could through mainland Eurasia and Africa. His trip began by cycling from the UK to Nordkaap in Norway, which is the most northerly point in Europe. From there he cycled to the most southerly mainland point in Asia – Singapore. A long trek ensued from Singapore through Asia and the Middle East, down the east coast of Africa to Africa’s most southerly point – Cape Agulhas. The home stretch took Charlie up through Central and West Africa.


Charlie Walker is hoping that his four years in the saddle will finally raise £10,000 for Future Hope and the same for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Future Hope was set up in 1987 for the street children of Calcutta. They presently have six homes which house 200 children in a safe and loving environment. Future Hope desperately wants to open more homes for the thousands of street children who live without hope.


Charlie Walker read classics and English at the University of Newcastle and then went on to become a travel journalist for a national newspaper. Charlie’s highly informative and creative blog tells of all his adventures in the various countries he visited. It won the 2013 AITO Travel Blogger of the Year Award. The blog not only introduces you to the history and culture of each country but gives you an insight into their inhabitants.

Go to to read his exploits over his long four year journey. It is here that you will read of his terrifying ordeal in a dugout canoe, battling the rapids in the DRC. Charlie eloquently writes of his 910 mile walk to Mongolia and the people and animals he met along the way. He tells of his Mongolian horse trek and being stopped by the police in Swaziland for not wearing a helmet and having a bald tyre. Charlie’s blog certainly deserved to win that coveted prize for travel bloggers.


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