Prepping for the Holidays Part 2: Gift Ideas for Cyclists

As we move closer towards the holidays, you’re probably at the tail-end of preparing gifts for your friends and loved ones. Homes are now slowly being filled with stocking stuffers ready to be given away.  What better way to show love and spread joy this season than by giving presents that best suit your recipients’ interest! [TWEET THIS!]

For beloved biking enthusiasts in your shopping lists, here are the top 10 gift ideas for cyclists!

  1. Smartwool Socks 

Cyclists know that a good pair of fitted socks is a great gift to receive. Smartwool uses only the finest Merino wool. Not only does this material manage moisture better than cotton but it is also smarter than synthetics and more comfortable in any weather condition.

These socks are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are also designed to give cylists the best support, fit, and durability. Smartwool socks come in different styles and colours that are sure to fit to your cyclist’s needs!

  1. Rapha Pro Team Jacket 

Aside from the slippery roads, bikers also have to endure the cold climate of the season. Gift your cyclist with a Rapha Pro Team Jacket this Christmas to keep them warm on the road!

Rapha pro team jacket - gift ideas for cyclists

Rapha’s Pro Team Jacket is designed with a protective shell on the outer layer of the clothing. With the comfort of a jersey, the jacket offers insulation, breathability, and wind-proofing while still being lightweight. It also boasts of having a streamlined design. The Pro Team Jacket is specially built for high-tempo interval in cold climates. When you are riding on the limit in low temperatures, protection is essential!

  1. POC DO Blade Raceday Sunglasses 

Cyclists need a good fitting pair of sunglasses not only to keep the glare of the sun away but also to navigate through streets with clarity. Why not give the cyclist in your life a pair of POC’s DO Blade Raceday sunglasses?

Designed to be lightweight yet durable, the DO Blade design is a special sports frame in POC’s sunglasses line. The frame’s flexibility enables cyclists to change the sunglasses’ lenses according to weather conditions. The lens tints are optimized for cycling thus increasing contrast for higher clarity. To top it off, these are specially designed with anti-fog and treatments to keep grime, dust, and water off your lenses!

  1. Tuvizo Reflective Vest

Visibility is crucial especially for cyclists on the road. What better way to show the cyclist in your life that you care for their safety by gifting them with Tuvizo’s highly reflective vest this Christmas!

Functional and versatile, Tuvizo’s Reflective Vest is specially designed with an ergonomic buckle that makes it easy to slip on over just about any sports clothing. The straps are lined with highly reflective strips that reflect well both in daylight and night time. It comes in two bright colours, neon pink and yellow, and in various sizes, fitting small to extra-large body frames!

  1. Garmin Edge 520 

Garmin Edge - gift ideas for cyclists

Who wouldn’t want a top-of-the-line GPS cycling computer? Cyclists would love the Garmin Edge 520 GPS system under their Christmas tree this season!

The Edge 520 is a multi-function device that allows cyclists to compete and compare their performance levels. Perfect for competitive cyclists, this compact system is built with the aerodynamic form factor of the Edge 500. Its design also includes in-ride challenges readings on Strava line segments, colour display, connected capabilities and advanced analysis features. Better yet, this cycling device is easy to pair with heart rate monitors, power meters, and your smartphone!

  1. Topeak Hexus II Bike Multi-tool 

Swiss pocket knives are probably the most compact tool set to carry around. However, it doesn’t meet a cyclists needs. What would you do if you had a glitch with your bike when you’re on the road?

Gift your cyclist with a handy multi-tool for biking emergencies! The Topeak Hexus II Bike Multi-tool is an award-winning gizmo that features 16 pro-quality, hardened steel tools that fold into an ergonomic body. The perfect blend for tool selection, the Hexus II is both lightweight and compact., definitely one of the most excellent gift ideas for cyclists!

  1. Tuvizo Waist Bag

Bringing a bag on the road is a hassle for cyclists. It’s bulky, bothersome, and overall distracting for the rider. It’s time for you to get them Tuvizo’s latest item in their product line, the 2GO Waist Bag!

2GO waist bag - gift ideas for cyclists

Specially designed to be deceptively spacious, this compact waist bag fits a rider’s personal belongings like smartphone, keys, cards, cash, and even an energy bar. Similar to other Tuvizo products, it is also built with reflective highlights and an external quick stash pocket! The elastic waist band is also built to stay in place without sacrificing comfort making it perfect for cyclists on-the-go!

  1. Fiber Flare Bike Light 

Bike lights are a great way to increase your road presence to drivers as well as adding colour to your two-wheeler. The Fiber Flare Bike Light is one of the great gift ideas for cyclists biking enthusiasts!

Known as the ultimate safety light, Fiber Flare uses the latest super-bright fiber optic technology in a flexible tube with multiple attachment options, making it versatile for just about every bike. Its design allows the bike light to be mounted on seat posts and chain stay. It remains visible from over 300 metres. Fiber Flare Bike Light comes in various colours and lengths to suit your cyclist’s preferences.

  1. Cycloc Bicycle Wall Rack 

Declutter your cyclist’s apartment by gifting them with the Cyclic Bicycle Wall Rack this Christmas. The sturdy and secure storage solution is designed to be stylish yet functional to get their bike out of the hallway.

Cycloc bike rack - gift ideas for cyclists

Cycloc is available in various designs to suit your personal preferences and space availability. It is easy to mount on the wall to find the best position for your bike. Aside from hanging your bike, you can even stuff your gloves and other items inside for more storage!

  1. Contour ROAM 3 Waterproof HD Action Camera

What do you get a techy cyclist who loves to take videos of their trip on the road? A high-quality HD camera, of course!  Contour’s ROAM 3 is not only a high definition camera but also waterproof which makes it perfect for any weather.

Dubbed as the world’s most versatile camera, the ROAM 3 is the only camera that has the ease-of-use features to be adventure-ready right out of the box. This compact camera sheds bulk by working underwater without an extra case for up to 10 metres. Its 270-degree rotating lens and built in laser alignment means no matter where the camera is mounted, you’re always able to get the perfect shot!

That wraps up our top 10 gift ideas for cyclists! Whether it’s clothing to keep them warm, gear to boost their visibility on the road, or a handy gadget for the road, your cyclist will surely be happy and grateful for the thoughtful present you’ll give to them. Don’t miss out the chance to put a smile on someone’s face this season and remember to spread the joy of the holidays!

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