Prepping for the Holidays Part 3: Gift Ideas for Dog Walkers

Gift shopping can get tricky especially during Christmas rush. Sometimes you buy generic gifts for a certain group but some people require more specific presents. So what do you get for the person responsible for keeping your dog in shape? This Yuletide season, don’t forget to get a special present for your dog walkers! Here are the top 10 gift ideas for your furry buddy’s caretakers.

  1. Spa Gift Certificate

Dog walking can be a physically demanding job. Pamper your dog walker with a glorious day at the spa! A gift certificate for a relaxing massage is perfect for tired feet and sore arms.

You can also consider getting a gift certificate that can be split into several trips for an extended pampering. Remember to make sure that your gift certificate will cover the costs of the spa’s main facilities so that your dog’s caretaker won’t have to do much spending!

  1. Perfect Pooch Gift Pack 

Dog treats - gift ideas

If you have a dog walker, there’s a high chance that they have dogs of their own. Why not get them a gift that they can use for their own pups?

The Perfect Pooch Gift Pack comes with four assorted packages of cookies for your furry buddies. The doggy treats gift includes a pack of peanut butter flavored wafer cookies, beef and liver flavored Best Buddy Bits, vanilla flavored sandwich crème, and cheese flavored Best Buddy Bones. It already comes in a decorative packaging and come ready to give as a gift this Christmas!

  1. Retractable Dog Leash 

Dog walkers need a high-quality, durable, and comfortable dog leash to walk their four-legged friends. Pet Magasin’s retractable dog leash comes in two different sizes and colours to suit your dog walker’s preference.

The retractable leash’s one-button, stop-lock-release system enables your dog the freedom to roam, sniff, and poke around during your walk. Unlike most cord-style leashes, Pet Magasin’s is specially designed with a tape-style retractable leash to increase safety by reducing rope burns and even cuts especially when these get tangled around your legs. The ergonomically designed handle fits large and small owners and has a rubberized surface for sure grip.

  1. Tuvizo 2GO Waist Bag

When out with the pooches, dog walkers need to keep their hands free and be attentive of their surroundings.  This Christmas, give your dog walker a compact fanny pack to hold their things when out with your four-legged pal!

waist bag - gift ideas

Tuvizo’s 2GO Waist Bag is the perfect partner for dog walkers. The compact bag is specially designed to be small yet roomy enough to hold the bare necessities such as your smartphone, cash, keys, and even doggy treats! Your dog walker can also carry dog waste bags in the external quick stash pocket. Another beauty of the waist bag is the belt strap which is built to stay in place without sacrificing comfort.

  1. Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treats 

Did you know that oral health is one of the most common health issues in dogs? Show your dog walker that you care for their dogs as much as they care for yours by getting them Pedigree’s Dentastix this Christmas!

Dentastix are clinically proven to reduce 80 percent of tartar build up when used as a daily oral care program.  Its special texture is designed to clean all the way down to a dog’s gum line and it even freshens doggy breath!

  1. California Delicious Starbucks Coffee Morning Gift Box 

Everybody likes Starbucks Coffee. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most known coffee brands in the world. When your dog walker is out early morning and taking out the pups for their daily stroll, a good cup of Joe in hand is sure to brighten up their day.

One of the great gift ideas this season is to give your dog walker with a three-pound Starbucks Coffee Morning Gift Box! It comes with four varieties of Starbucks coffee, Starbucks instant VIA coffee, spiced chocolate and cherry walnut biscotti, and a bright red mug that is sure to become a morning partner favorite.

  1. Pet Water Bottle 

Walks on warms days, especially during the summer, can be tough on dogs. A water bottle for the pooch will be the perfect solution for your dog walker!

Made with stainless steel and BPL-free plastic, the pet water bottle helps to keep your dog hydrated during walks. It releases a flow of water as your pet licks the ball at the tip, making drinking water a fun and interactive activity for both you and your dog. It even saves your from carrying around a water bowl! Designed with a wide mouth, the bottle is easy to clean and even allows you to drop ice cubes to keep the water cool. It even comes with a karabiner clip to attach to your bag or belt and the bottle can fit most cup and bottle holders! It comes in numerous designs as well as various sizes to suit your dog walker’s preference!

  1. Deer Antler’s Dog Chew Treats 

Deer, elk, and caribou naturally shed their antlers during spring. After these shed antlers are gathered and power-washed with water, it undergoes a process of cutting and trimming to remove sharp edges. The final product becomes a perfect chew treat for your furry friend!

Flint River Ranch provides your dog with a healthy, safe, and all-natural chew with their Deer Antler’s Dog Chew Treats! Each antler is sold by weight and varies in length and diameter just like nature intended. These all-natural dog chew treats are available in packs of three and six. No odor, no grease, no mess, and non-fat healthy treats are sure to be loved by dogs!

  1. Keurig Stainless Steel Travel Mug 

Keurig travel mug - gift ideas

If your dog walker takes your dog out on early mornings, a travel mug would be one of the perfect great gift ideas! With the Keurig’s travel mug, they can take their freshly brewed coffee out with your dog.

The travel mug features the Contigo AUTOSEAL technology thus making it leak and spill-proof. Your dog walker will never miss a drop. Its design allows the convenience of one-handed operation that is perfect for those with busy lifestyles!

  1. Personalized Dog Towel 

Gift items that are personalized always give a special touch, showing that you went out of your way to customize a present and not go for something generic. Make your dog walker feel special by giving them a personalized towel for their pup!

personalized dog towel - gift ideas

It is perfect for doggy baths or simply to keep on the back door hook for those pup’s muddy paws. This full-sized towel is embroidered with a giant paw and personalized with the dog’s name, your choice of font, and thread colour!

There you have it! Our top 10 gift ideas for dog walkers. It’s always a great deed to give the person responsible for keeping your dog happy, fit, and healthy a little present. Whether it’s for them to personally use or for their own dogs, they’ll be definitely grateful for the Yuletide thought!

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