Road Safety for Kids, Dog Walkers, Cyclists, and Runners

The winter season is swiftly approaching. Temperature dips and we prepare ourselves for colder days. However, this beautiful snowflake season can pose a threat to not only workout regimens done outdoors but also safety on the road.

Generally, roads are dangerous and with the colder months upon us, it decreases our visibility on the streets. An accident with another driver is not always in our control. But we can take precautionary measures that can ultimately decrease the risks of injuries. Here are some road safety tips that you can do to prevent accidents when out and about!

Safety for Kids

For most, winter brings a rich blanket of snow and kids love playing out in the white flurries. But with busy roads and lower visibility, the risk of an accident drastically increases.

Teach them basic road safety

Children love to run around. However, it is a must to educate your kids that running on the road is not safe. Don’t leave your kids unattended especially when out for walks. As much as possible, educate them to stay off the roads and walk on sidewalks. It is also important to teach them the basic traffic signals and designated crosswalks.

Walk with your child facing traffic and as far away from the traffic as possible. This will help drivers on the road take notice of you better than when you have your back towards them.

Increase their visibility on the road

Visibility on the road is as vital as ever during the cold months. [TWEET THIS!] Remember to dress your kids in bright colours. This will help drivers and other pedestrians see your kids better. You can also increase your child’s visibility on the road by strapping a reflective vest on top of their clothing.

Safety for Dog Walkers

Young girl having a break from running at night. High ISO

These days, evening walks with man’s best friend can go from twilight to pitch black. Keep yourself and your furry friend safe on the road by planning ahead and using special equipment to prevent any accidents.

Be smart about your route

Before heading out for your walks, consider the route that you will be taking. [TWEET THIS!] Instead of going for desolate twisty roads and populated city streets, take a walk with your furry friend on less crowded, clear sidewalks.

Invest in dog-safe LED lights

Ensuring that your dog is visible on the road is another great way to guarantee their safety on the road. Illuminate your dog like a Christmas tree with dog-safe LED lights! These can be found in collars, leashes, and doggy vests to ensure that your dog can be seen from a distance even in complete darkness.

Safety for Cyclists

Cycling is a great way to exercise and get your daily cardio workout. [TWEET THIS!] However, the winter months poses several threats for cyclists on the road. Icy roads, snow slush, and low lighting can make it difficult for athletes to ensure their safety.

Be aware of others on the road

As a cyclist, you must always be aware of your surroundings. Be mindful to keep a safe distance away from other cars. Remember to stay in your lane and minimize swerving into traffic. When possible, try to make eye contact with other drivers so that they will notice you on the road. Most road accidents between cars and cyclists occur when the cyclists go unnoticed by other drivers.

Install rear lights on your bike

Riding a bicycle on a country road concept for healthy lifestyle

Cyclists need to go the extra mile to be noticed on the road. One way to help other drivers notice your presence is by installing rear lights on your bike. Bright flashing lights can help you stand out in the dark and help increase your visibility at night.

Wear reflective clothing

Remember to always wear bright coloured clothing when heading out on the road. [TWEET THIS!] What you wear can greatly affect your visibility. Whether you’re running in broad daylight or at night, always remember to wear a reflective vest or reflective belt on top of your cycling gear!

Safety for Runners

For many athletes, running is their go-to workout routine. It’s a great way to burn calories, lose weight, and even relieve stress!

Don’t go with the flow

When running on the sidewalks is not an option, roads are the next best thing. However, it can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Remember to run facing traffic head on. This will make it easier for incoming cars to spot you when you’re approaching them head on rather than when they’re coming up from behind.

Run where there are people

Don’t be afraid of crowds! Instead of running alone, run in areas that are populated. [TWEET THIS!] If you spot other runners, there is a good chance that the roads there are safer and it is a good place for a run. Invite your friends to join you, too! The more there are of you, the more likely you are to be spotted by drivers.

Safety must always be a priority when heading out on the road. [TWEET THIS!] Be mindful to take extra precaution to increase your visibility during the dark winter months. Always wear bright clothing and a high visibility vest or belt so that you can be seen in the darkness even at a distance!

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