Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Cyclists


YouTube has taken the world by storm since its launching in February 2005. Its success has grown so much that according to the video-sharing giant’s statistics page, the number of hours that people have spent watching videos has increased by 60% year-on-year, the fastest growth that they have seen in the last two years.

YouTube is known as the second-largest online search engine.  The video-sharing platform generates more content daily than all the three major networks (i.e. CBS, NBC, and ABC) combined.

Cyclists have also leveraged this platform to share their routines and experiences. While some create content on the more extreme side of cycling, there are also other YouTube personalities who focus their videos on diets, tips, tricks, and product reviews for their fellow cycling enthusiasts. Here are our top 10 channels for cyclists!


The Subjective Cyclist Review is the go-to channel for all your cycling product needs! Every video on the channel unboxes, tests, and reviews brand new bike products that you could use on the road.

From clothing to bike accessories and GPS, this channel has got everything in store for you. If you come across a product that you would like to purchase, the channel places links t0 the shop in the description. You’ll be an educated buyer instead of blindly making a purchase.


The British Cycling channel is one of the most inclusive channels that you will come across on YouTube. Aside from the usual how-to videos that may come in handy when something wrong happens on the road, the channel also features video content for cyclists of all ages and levels of experience.

On the channel, you’ll find interviews, behind the scenes as well as exclusive videos from the Great Britain Cycling Team. Moreover, it also features cycling series such as the 2015 British Cycling Elite Circuit Series and the 2015 British Cycling National Road Championships.


According to The Copenhagenize Design Company’s Bike-Friendly Index, the Netherlands—particularly Amsterdam—takes second place in the list of the world’s friendliest cities for biking. The BicycleDutch gives you the chance to see what it is like to cycle through the different streets of the country.

The channel is updated weekly, featuring the city’s riders and the streets. To date, the BicycleDutch has more than 8,000 subscribers.


Perhaps one of the most popular types of content on YouTube is from channels that viewers and subscribers are able to connect with on a personal level. Like most cycling-related YouTubers, The Vegan Cyclist posts videos of product reviews, unboxings and race training.

However, what makes this channel stand out is that owner Tyler Pearce also uploads vlogs as a dad to two young boys. He even has a playlist on his channel solely for one of his sons, Athan. In addition, he also has videos about healthy living and all you need to know about being a vegan cyclist.



Perhaps one of the most all-around cycling channels that you will find on YouTube is the Cycling Maven. With almost 12,000 subscribers, this channel provides you with everything you need to know about indoor training, quick tips, and product reviews.

In addition, you can also find road racing and general cycling tips to help you improve in the sport. Another feature that makes this channel unique is that it has Handicap Racing Tips, Q&As, and nutrition tips!


If you’re looking for a channel that will give you tips and tricks for cycling, the CTFU Cycling Tips channel may be the one for you! As the name suggests, the channel’s sole focus is to provide its viewers with advice and hacks on being a better cyclist.

On the channel, you will find videos that will teach you tricks like how to win a sprint and how to clean your cassette quickly. There are also product reviews, comparison videos, and cycling-related discussions.



With over 20,000 subscribers to date, the Competitive Cyclist could be your next go-to channel for all things biking. This channel not only teaches you how-tos such as assembling your road bike but also product review videos that any cycling enthusiast may find interesting.

Product reviews are especially helpful if you are contemplating on buying a new bike accessory. Another great part about the Competitive Cyclist is that they also feature various bikes thus allowing you to see the product in action before you make a purchase.


If you enjoy a bit of adrenaline rush but prefer to watch than do it yourself, you can experience it on the Mountain Bikers Are Awesome channel! Take part in the adventurous thrill of mountain bikers on rocky treks from the safety of your home and witness the beauty of the world in which they play. The channel highlights breathtaking views and stunning landscapes. Their videos are not filled with shaky footage but well-shot scenes of bikers in action.

Aside from stunning, action-packed videos, the channel posts unboxings and product reviews for cycling-enthusiasts. With over 22,000 subscribers, Mountain Bikers Are Awesome is surely grabbing the attention not only of cyclists but adventure lovers too!


The BikeRadar is one of the most subscribed channels for cyclists with over 290,000 subscriber. Perhaps what makes this channel stand out for cycling enthusiasts is their unique content. Unlike most channels, the BikeRadar shares their Top 5 products such as pro road helmets instead of a simple review.

In addition, they also have content that compares products such as their S-Works VS Sidi Drako video. The channel also shares road cycling techniques, cyclist hacks and debunks myths. Dubbed as “the world’s best riding advice”, the channel is sure to be another popular page for your cycling-related needs.



As the largest cycling channel on our list, the Global Cycling Network prides itself with almost 700,000 subscribers! Cycling-enthusiasts flock to this channel for its diverse content. Top 10s, interviews, race reports, news, and how-to videos are some of the things you can watch on the channel!

What makes the Global Cycling Network stand out from other cycling-centric channels is that it has its own specials such as The GCN show, Ask GCN Anything, GCN Does Science, and so much more! This channel takes YouTube cycling content to a whole new level!

YouTube is home to various types of content from music videos and movie trailers to video game plays and sports coverage. Cycling enthusiasts are seeing the power that the video-sharing platform holds and are taking advantage to share to the world, especially their fellow cyclists, their knowledge of the two-wheel sport. So whether you’re watching it on your computer screen or through your smartphone, YouTube has some of the best cycling video content for you!

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