Tuvizo Reflective Vest

Since we launched our classic Tuvizo Reflective Vest a few months ago, we’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback from a lot of satisfied customers. Here’s a sampling of the reviews you guys wrote for us on Amazon:

Kelly Robinson made this comment back in April: “It is easily adjustable and highly visible. Folds up small. Great for commuting. Lightweight and seems sturdier than other vests.”

On June 27, Cynthia Perez Rubio Gutierrez said: “I loved it! It adjusts perfectly to my body, I use it for skating and biking and it’s really confortable. =)”

Brett P. who used our reflective running vest during a race back in June wrote: “My friend and I got these to use during the Ragnar Relay Race and we tried them out just to make sure they were going to work. They fit great and were comfortable.”

Thank you so much, guys. All your comments and feedback inspire us to keep working to make the Tuvizo Reflective Vest one of the best reflective gears available in the market today.


Speaking of product improvement, we’ve also received some feedback from customers who told us that while the product’s workmanship is excellent, they’d be happier with it if only it’s a size or two larger.

One of our customers Celtinkilt, for example, said: “The materials, reflectivity, buckles and quality of workmanship is terrific … those straps just aren’t quite long enough.  I’m 5’ 11” and weigh in at 210 lbs.”

Laurie, another satisfied customer, told us that, “Overall, this Tuvizo reflective vest is extremely user-friendly, is reasonably priced and has the best reflectiveness of any of the previous eight vests I have purchased over the years.” There’s some room for improvement, however.  “I believe more people would benefit if Tuvizo had additional sizes other than their current ‘one size fits all’ option.  Although the vest is perfect for my size (5’ 6”, 131 lbs, 30” waist), I think people who are taller and/or have a larger mid section might find this vest a bit snug,” Laurie added.

The existing Tuvizo reflective vest is available in size  S/M/L with these measurements:

·  Waist band adjusts between:  63-100cm (25-39 inch) 

·  Shoulder straps adjust between: 38-58cm (15-23 inch) waist to shoulder

We are most grateful to Celtinkilt and Laurie for the honest feedback. Thank you, guys!

At Tuvizo, we do listen to what our customers are saying and so, in response to this demand for larger vests, we’re introducing larger sized Tuvizo vests, which will become available on Amazon within the next six weeks.

Here are the new larger Tuvizo reflective vest measurements available in  L/XL sizes:

·  Waist band adjusts between: 86-136cm (34-54 inch) 

·  Shoulder straps adjust between: 62-100cm (24-39 inch) waist to shoulder

With these new sizes, we’re confident that the Tuvizo Reflective Vest can now quite comfortably accommodate our larger users and those who need to wear the vest over bulky protective clothing. Please let us know if you have comments or feedback about these new sizes, I can personally guarantee that we will continue to listen to our customers to further improve our product. Thanks, guys!