Jim Fixx – The Man Who Started It All

Apr 04 2019 0 Comments November 2014

The New York City Marathon was held last Sunday 2nd of November and it is a good time to remember Jim Fixx. How many of you recognize the name Jim Fixx? He is the man who is praised for getting Americans to realize that jogging and running are good for your health. He wrote books, appeared on radio and TV shows, gave lectures and started running clinics and clubs. Before Jim Fixx started the running revolution in the States, anyone who was seen running on the streets was looked at rather strangely. WHY JIM FIXX STARTED HIS RUNNING REVOLUTION Jim Fixx...

How to Easily Improve Your Running Part 2: Recovery After Hard Training

May 12 2015 0 Comments May 2015 pinned

This is part 2 of a three part-series of articles from our Tuvizo-sponsored athlete Andrew Tunstall. Everyone knows that to get fit you need to train; and logic follows that the more you train, the fitter you will get. So imagine you could run flat out, all day, every day…. you would be super fit, right? WRONG. You’d be dead probably, and it wouldn’t take too long either. When you train, your body breaks down. Afterwards, when you are tired, stiff and sore, your body regenerates itself, rebuilding what was broken down so it is stronger than before. Each successive bout of...

How to Easily Improve Your Running Part 1: Simple Principles Of Speed Work For Endurance Running

May 11 2015 0 Comments May 2015 pinned

This is part 1 of a three part-series of articles from our Tuvizo sponsored athlete Andrew Tunstall.   We all know what speed work is – or at least we think we do - and we all agree it would add value to our training regimen. Anecdotal evidence has it, however, that most of us long distance runners don’t seem to “get around to it”. The purpose of this little article is to do away with a lot of the mystique around this dark art and show just how easy it is to incorporate, and extract value from, real speed work...

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