Best Reflective Gear to Use for a Runner

Best Reflective Gear to Use for a Runner

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If you are a roadrunner, be it a mum who runs twice a week to keep in shape, a club runner, or a serious athlete, being seen when you are on the roadway is something to be taken exceptionally seriously. Putting on high visibility clothing throughout daylight hours and reflective gear in low light and dark conditions go a long way to increasing your presence to vehicle drivers.

There are numerous variations of the basic high visibility running equipment that are readily available, from retro reflectors that reflect the light back at the source, LED lights that brighten the garment or alternatively safety lights which illuminate the roadway in front and behind a runner.

High visibility clothes are most noticeable in neon colors, that include most typically orange and yellow, but likewise can be pink, red and green. The intense "day glow" impact is created by the fluorescent colors as they absorb both the typical spectrum of light along with the ultraviolet light spectrum. This leads to a much more brilliant and more extreme color being viewed by the human eye when light is reflected off the color as double or triple the quantity of light is reflected.

High visibility clothing will just help a person to be seen in daylight hours. When light conditions are low or it is dark, runners ought to utilize reflective gear to enable them to be seen by drivers.

Runners gear normally consists of shoes, socks, shorts or leggings, a vest or top, a hat or cap, and a coat in colder weather condition. All of these can be reflective, but there are some particular things to look for.
  • Ensure you have 360 degree reflectivity when running in low light or during the night.
  • Ensure you have 360 degree high exposure when running in daylight.
  • Make sure the upper body is particularly well catered for in terms of high visibility and high reflectivity, as this is the are that is seen most easily by a motorist and is the largest surface area.
If you are looking for one item to put on to ensure you have a sensible level of visibility, you need to probably look at a reflective running vest, as this can normally be worn over your typical running wear. See to it you get an adjustable reflective vest as this will allow you to use the exact same vest throughout the year, both in summertime when you have only a single layer on, or in winter when you could be putting on several layers of clothes. As an included advantage, an adjustable reflective vest can likewise be utilized for walking, cycling, motorbiking or other outdoor activity that is on the road.


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