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It is vital, for your safety, that you are highly visible when road running.  There is whole multimillion dollar industry out there ready to take care of all your safety requirements.  One of the joys of reflective gear is that you don’t have to worry about battery life.

When you have bought the items which you have decided suit your running needs, remember that they must be kept clean to ensure that the reflective bands on the products do their job properly.


You obviously want something that is light and won’t impair your performance but also makes you visible to traffic.  There are many types and styles of reflective running vest, from the garment that covers your entire torso to the reflective belt vest which can be worn over any sort of clothing.  This is an excellent option in any running scenario.  If you live in a country where the weather changes dramatically from season to season, the reflective belt vest is fully adjustable and can be worn over your reflective running shirt which you wear in hot weather, and over your jacket which you wear in the winter.


There is an enormous selection of reflective running shoes out there.  Make sure you shop at a store with knowledgeable staff so they can guide you into making a choice geared to your needs.  When running, your feet are obviously always on the move, so it is good for motorists to see there is a moving object ahead of them in conditions where the visibility is poor or it is dark outside.


A reflective hat or cap is a good addition to your running wardrobe, especially if you are running in the dark or in the conditions of poor visibility.  And, for those of you who love your beanie, there are even reflective beanies on the market.


Gloves are an excellent purchase for those of you who are running in cold climates with dark evenings and morning or conditions with poor visibility.  Motorists will see your hands continually moving and realise there is a moving object ahead which must be avoided.


There are a variety of types and styles to choose from.  Both are an excellent addition to your safety on the road, as the motorist will immediately see moving objects ahead of him.  These, together with your reflective safety vest make you visible to motorists.  Studies, both in the States and Australia, have noted that although a motorist can see a reflective vest, he may initially think it is a stationery object.  So, it is advisable to add some reflective gear to the parts of the body which are continually moving to warn the motorist that someone is actually moving on the side of the road.


By wearing a reflective belt, you are giving other road users the chance of seeing you no matter where they are coming from as it provides a 360-degree view.


Buying a reflective sash is an economical way to remain safe.  It is extremely lightweight and adjustable and can go over any item of clothing.


When looking for a good reflective jacket, make sure that there are plenty of reflective spots on the arms, shoulders, front and back.  Ensure that the jacket is fully washable, easy dry and water repellent.


Reflective snap bands can be put around your ankles, arms, wrists or legs and increase your visibility to other road users.


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