10 Easy Steps To Start Cycling

Aug 13 2014 0 Comments August 2014

1. Obviously, your first priority is to buy a bike which suits you and your needs.  It is an investment and therefore you should take your time and talk to people in the know.  It is absolutely essential that you choose the right size bike for you.  Many retail outlets offer special fitting services and some will even allow you take the bike for a spin before deciding whether to purchase.
2. Your next priority is to purchase the correct cycling gear.  Buy the best helmet you can afford, it can save your life.  When cycling you need to be highly visible to other road users, so buy a reflective belt or reflective cycling vest which will guarantee that you will be seen in all weathers, and at night.  There are many types of reflective vests out there, choose one that suits all your outdoor activities, so you only have to buy one.
3. Always wear sunglasses when cycling to avoid not only dust and stones being thrown up from the road, but also to protect your vision from UV radiation which can cause cataracts and other eye related ailments.
4. Now that you are kitted out, you can begin cycling.  Start by riding two to four times a week for between 40 minutes and 60 minutes.  You will discover muscles you didn’t know you had!  It all depends on your initial fitness, as to how long you stay at this level, it can be anything from two to six weeks.
5. Remember to obey the rules of the road and be courteous to other road users, giving them ample warning of any lane changes or turns you may be making.
6. To get a good cardio workout and to build up muscle to avoid injury, it is sensible to start your cycling career by pedalling quickly and using low gears.
7. Practise, practise, practise until you feel comfortable on your bike and have built up strength and endurance.
8. After you have reached a stage where you want to go on to the next level, join a cycling club or go out with a group of friends.  This is where you will learn many new cycling skills such as how to take an advantage of drafting and when to stand and how to stand without jolting backwards and possibly causing a crash.
9. As you progress, so you can increase your rides to 45 minutes to 75 minutes four or five times a week.
10. You will find that you will reach a certain level of expertise and fitness which then levels off, this is when you need to add interval training to your cycling programme.  Like all interval training programmes, ensure that you warm up for at least 15 minutes before you start and remember the cool down period.  There are many exercises which assist in various aspects of training from improving pedalling efficiency, to helping you cope with speed spurts when they are needed.


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