Tuvizo Reflective Vest Gets Great Feedback

Aug 14 2014 0 Comments August 2014

Judging from the comments left on Amazon, buyers of the Tuvizo reflective vest are delighted with their purchase.  Lise Kirk sums up what a lot of people are saying, “FINALLY – a vest that fits and doesn’t get in your way, weigh you down or add more heat to the equation.  Thank you, Tuvizo.”
Another of Tuvizo’s customers has bought eight different reflective vests over the years and finds the reflective qualities of Tuvizo’s to be the best.  Laurie actually got her boyfriend to run wearing a Tuvizo reflective vest and she followed him in a car a few blocks behind.  “This allowed me to see firsthand how clear and bright the vest reflected the car’s headlights.  The result is, I now feel much safer biking and running during night time (and day time) hours.” Kagan Heater says, “The vest shows up brilliantly to oncoming drivers and makes me almost impossible to miss while on the road.”
Another attribute of the Tuvizo reflective vest was pointed out by Kelly Robinson when she commented that the vest was lightweight, compact and ideal for travelling.  Many customers have mentioned how you instantly forget you are wearing the vest because of its comfort and lightweight qualities.  Valerie Voss said, “I live in Arizona so I like that it is lightweight and I can wear it all year round without worrying about getting overheated.”
Feedback from customers has also included comments on the fact that you can wear the Tuvizo reflective vest all year round, whereas reflective jackets can be exceptionally hot to wear in warmer conditions.  The reflective vest takes up very little space in a wardrobe, suitcase or backpack and therefore makes it very portable, unlike reflective jackets.
Megan Massingham was one of many customers who commented on how easy the reflective vest was to put on – “it’s super easy to get on and off.”  Gayle Lawley added to this, “It is quick and easy to put on.  It is light, fits comfortably and I have been impressed how well the vest stays in place while running.” Laurie mentioned how much she enjoyed the fact that the vest was a clip on, which meant she could easily fit it over any clothing, whether it was a T-shirt or a thick sweater.  Other happy Tuvizo customers have made the same observation.  Andrew Steele was delighted that the adjustable qualities of the vest meant it could be worn by his whole family.
‘Miss he grose’ commented, “As a multi sport participant, I would highly recommend this product, I have found it extremely versatile and easy to wear.  I’ve used it for running, cycling and horse riding.  Easily worn over the outside of a jacket, or just over a vest, as size adjustment is simple.” Yvonne Mau echoes this view, “Very versatile and very hassle-free.  Easy to adjust.  It really gives me peace of mind all year round and I have been told that the visibility is really great.”
Graeme Parkes customer feedback comment sums up the general feeling about the Tuvizo reflective vest, “The ultra-high visibility Tuvizo reflective vest is an excellent piece of safety gear that I have used while out on the road running and cycling.  It is extremely lightweight, does not interfere with any movements or heart-rate monitoring, and being so adjustable, means that it fits extremely comfortably.  I would highly recommend this vest to anyone that is spending time outdoors running, riding, walking or anywhere they need to be highly visible.”


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