Tuvizo Supports The American Trail Running Association (ATRA)

Sep 16 2014 0 Comments September 2014

The Colorado based ATRA was formed in July 1996 with the express wish to help people who wanted to participate in trail and mountain running and to promote the sport. The ATRA uses a wide definition when it comes to trail running and they incorporate urban as well as rural settings. Their object is to encourage communities to make new trails or extend existing ones in their own areas, so they can trail run on their doorstep.
The ATRA wants individuals, groups, families and corporates to all enjoy this healthy sport which encompasses some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. They promote safety and health and produce a quarterly newsletter, called the Trail Times which has articles on anything and everything to do with trail running and more. The first newsletter was written in Summer 1996 and if you are a member of the ATRA, you can access copies of these highly informative newsletters. There are articles on what footwear you should buy and how to avoid injury; articles on different trails worldwide and how to train for them. You can learn how to snow run or run barefoot and there are articles on teaching kids the art of trail running – the subjects are very diverse. Tuvizo is so impressed with this organisation and its ethos that they have donated reflective vests for the upcoming ATRA conference. The reflective running vest is an important piece of equipment when trail running and allows runners to be seen in conditions of poor visibility.
Estes Atra Trail conference logo
This year's Trail Conference in October will also feature a prize draw created to help raise funds for ATRA, a not for profit organization serving the trail and mountain running community. Everyone is invited to join the prize draw whether or not you're attending the conference in person. Winners will be announced on October 10-11 during the conference and if you're not there to claim your prize personally, it will be shipped to you. Register for the prize draw now and get a chance to score a Tuvizo reflective vest and other great sporting items from ATRA's supporters and sponsors.
The association not only promotes trails within the US but also trails to be enjoyed overseas in countries such as South Africa, Iceland, Mexico, Australia and countries in Europe to name but a few. Why not try the American Discovery Trail which takes you from coast to coast? They also invite you to list your own special trail. The events are listed by State and country and by date, so finding a trail which suits you is easy.
Membership of the ATRA not only gives you access to information provided by some of the world’s leading trail runners but it also gives you discounts on books and magazines. There are direct links on their site which take you straight to the various races around the world, giving you information on the course and how to enter. The site also provides you with links to running camps, ultra running camps and snowshoeing venues.


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