Introducing The Pink Reflective Vest By Tuvizo

Sep 17 2014 0 Comments September 2014

pink reflective vest by Tuvizo
At Tuvizo we continue to expand our range and deliver excellent quality products. The latest addition to the Tuvizo family is a pink reflective vest, to partner with the already popular yellow vest. This highly attractive and versatile reflective vest comes in two sizes :- S/M/L - Waist band - 63cm – 100 cm (25" – 34") Shoulder straps - 38cm – 58 cm (15" - 23") waist to shoulder L/XL - Waist band – 86cm – 136 cm (34" – 54") Shoulder straps - 62cm – 100 cm (24" – 39”) waist to shoulder
Tuvizo's Pink Reflective Vest
Our pink reflective vest provides 360° visibility, making its wearer stand out in a crowd from every angle. The bright pink colour makes the wearer highly visible and that, coupled with highly reflective areas, ensures that other road users will spot you from a good distance away. It should be worn by everyone who is going to come into contact with traffic, from runners to horse riders and cyclists to skateboarders. It is also an excellent idea to have at least one reflective vest in your car, so that should you break down or have an accident, you can immediately put on the vest before leaving your vehicle. Remember that it must be inside your car and not in your boot, so that you are instantly visible before you leave your vehicle. It is amazing how many pedestrian accidents occur at road accident sites because other drivers are so busy looking at the accident or breakdown that they forget to be on the lookout for pedestrians.
Tuvizo products are carefully designed to ensure they fit well and are comfortable. The readily adjustable straps enable the wearer to achieve a personalised fit. The length of the straps can be altered so that it can fit over a light T-shirt or over a thicker winter jacket, making it suitable as an all year round addition to your sporting or work wardrobe. The vest is made of a soft stretch elastic with an applied reflective strip, this is comfortable to wear and the ergonomic buckle is easy to fasten and unfasten even in the cold and wet.


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