The Versatility Of Kangoo Jumps

The Versatility Of Kangoo Jumps

Oct 17 2014 0 Comments October 2014

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Kangoo Jumps, or KJ’s as they are affectionately known, are a marvellous Swiss invention – boots which act as a rebounder.  They were originally designed to be used by runners and joggers but you can run in them, dance in them, go to boot camp with them and even climb Kilimanjaro in them!  KJ’s are very careful not to market their product as a ‘fun toy’ and therefore you generally won’t find them in sports shops or toy shops.  They strongly believe that their product promotes health in many different ways.
Three independent scientific studies have shown that KJ’s reduce the impact on joints by up to 80%.   A Swiss study found that KJ’s reduced the impact on the tibia by 50% and on the spine by over 20%. Many doctors and physiotherapists recommend the use of KJ’s to assist in the rehabilitation of sports injuries.  People who have had to give up jogging and running due to joint damage, now find that they can go out on the road again pain free. KJ’s take a little getting used to, so for your first walk or run, it is recommended that you take a hiking pole just to ensure you keep your balance.  If you are walking or running on the road, wear a reflective vest or reflective belt so that you are highly visible to other road users.
Like all rebounding exercise routines, using KJ’s will help firm your skin and increase its elasticity.  They will also help to prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone density. The need to balance while using KJ’s means you have no choice but to maintain good posture.  This has the added benefit of strengthening your back muscles and stomach muscles and also promotes spinal and intervertebral disc health. Rebounding is great for the lymphatic system which is totally dependent on bodily movement to function.   Without movement your cells are wallowing in waste products and are not able to get the nutrients they need to remain healthy.   A healthy lymphatic system wards off degenerative diseases such as cancer.
Using KJ’s turns you into a child again. You feel as if you are bouncing on a trampoline and it feels really good.  The rebounding effect quickly releases endorphins, making all those stressful problems melt away.  It also helps remove excess adrenaline from the body and other hormones which cause you to feel stressed.


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