The New Tuvizo Reflective Belt

The New Tuvizo Reflective Belt

Oct 21 2014 0 Comments October 2014

Tuvizo is one hundred percent committed to helping people stay safe while practising their chosen form of exercise.  This commitment has prompted the inclusion of another quality product to our range – a plain elastic reflective belt.   This fully adjustable reflective belt is available in yellow and pink and opens and closes with a simple clip.  It makes its wearer highly visible in both daylight and perhaps more importantly in darkness when the belt reflects light from vehicle headlights and street lights or any other light source. It measures from 62 cm to120 cm long by 4 cm wide; or from 24.5inches to 47 inches long and 1.57 inches wide.
This new product is designed to fit anyone from child to adult.  It is so light and comfortable that you won’t even know you are wearing it.   It is ideal for children to wear on their journey to school, ensuring that they are highly visible to all around them.   Some parents battle to get their children to wear a full reflective vest, so this is the perfect solution to the problem.   As soon as the children arrive at school, they can tuck the lightweight reflective belt into their school bags or lockers ready for the journey home. It is a great product for kids to wear when out skateboarding or cycling and, with two colours to choose from, it can even become a fashion accessory.
The fully adjustable reflective belt is suitable for all sports – running, cycling and walking to name but a few.   Its comfortable fit means that you won’t even be aware that you are wearing a belt and it won’t impede movement at all.
This product is highly versatile.  For example, it could be used to wrap around a school bag or backpack, giving the wearer even greater visibility in traffic.  Motor cyclists could use it on their luggage racks to enhance visibility.  Horse riders could attach a belt to the horse’s harness or perhaps the rear of the saddle to make them more visible. Hikers frequently get lost in misty conditions, and rescue parties, including helicopters, are called out to aid in the rescue.  If your backpack has a reflective belt wrapped around it, you will be far more visible to rescuers.  There are many places that this quality product can be used to help protect the lives of road users.


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