Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Wear Your Pink Reflective Belt Or Pink Reflective Vest

Nov 14 2014 0 Comments November 2014

Women Running For Cancer Awareness
Every year, the month of October is globally dedicated to breast cancer awareness.  Nearly two million men and women are diagnosed with this disease every year.  In the States, there was a drop of 34% between 1990 and 2010 but in other places around the world, such as Hong Kong, deaths from breast cancer are on the increase. It is considered the leading cause of death amongst women in developing and under developed countries. There is a desperate need to educate everyone in the world and show them how early detection can save a life.  Medical science is constantly in need of funds to further research and this is where enthusiastic sportsmen and women can use their prowess to raise money for this worthy cause.
October is not the only month that you can put on your pink reflective belt and run, walk, cycle, hike or swim to raise money for breast cancer, there are events all year round.   There are many organisations throughout the world which raise money to give support to those people who are diagnosed with the disease, such as Breast Cancer Care in the UK.  They raised over £1 million just through their annual Pink Ribbonwalks. Organisations like Breast Cancer Care, put together teams which enter small races, prestigious races, treks to the Himalaya, Peru and Kilimanjaro, in order to raise money for their organisation.  If they don’t have a team entering an event which is close to your heart, then you can start the ball rolling.
Susan G. Komen is a phenomenal organisation which was started in 1982 by Nancy G. Brinker.  Nancy’s sister, Susan G. Komen was dying from breast cancer and Nancy promised her sister that she would do everything in her power to eradicate it.  The foundation was started with $200 and the names of a few donors.  It is now the largest non-profit organisation in the world which fights against breast cancer.  The Susan G. Komen foundation has invested over $2.5 billion dollars in over thirty different countries to promote awareness and for research.
Race for the Cure is aimed at all fitness levels and ages and includes a series of runs and walks which raise money for the foundation.  A major part of these events is to honour the people lost through the disease, celebrate with the survivors and support those currently battling with breast cancer. These races are not just held in the US, other countries in the Caribbean, Europe and Central Asia, are now joining in Race for the Cure.  Almost two million people ran or walked in last year’s 150 races, raising much needed funds for research, education and support. Wherever you live in the world, there will be a sporting activity where you can use your passion to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research.


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