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If you are planning to take your running or walking up a notch, why not join the newly formed World Runners Association.  Before you get over excited and don your reflective running vest and running shoes, you need to realise that membership is not as simple as it sounds.
The constitution of the WRA states, “The process by which membership to the WRA is acquired may take two forms: “a) A successful navigation of the Earth on foot, or “b) A special invitation by the President of the WRA.”
The WRA will adjudicate any record attempts.  The WRA has introduced record categories to strive for, such as Longest Circumnavigation of the Earth on foot, the fastest, the oldest and the youngest person to circumnavigate the Earth and a special record category for those who have circumnavigated the world more than once. These record categories are also split into different age groups and into men and women within those age groups.  It is certainly a challenge and the WRA is there to give you all the advice you need before you put on your reflective vest and running shoes and begin your circumnavigation of the world.
What an amazing experience this would be!  You need to start and finish your journey at the same place and must cover at least 26,000 km (16,155 miles) on foot.  You have to cross at least four continents coast to coast and run at least 50% of the way.  You are allowed to take as many breaks as you like, the maximum time being one year.  However, those breaks are included in your time of circumnavigation.
The World Runners Club was formed in 2013 by Jesper Kenn Olsen of Denmark , and Tom Dennis and Phil Essam from Australia.  Both Jesper and Tom have successfully circumnavigated the world on foot and have documentary evidence to prove it.  Jesper completed his first run in 2004/5 and ran 26,323 kms, averaging 45 kms (28 miles) a day.  He then decided to take the scenic route and run in a north to south direction and completed his second circumnavigation of the world in 2012, having run 36,917 kms. Australian, Tom Dennis, took the exact route that Jesper took and so ran 26,323 kms but completed it in forty days less than his associate and is hoping to be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the record holder of the Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth on Foot – this is where the World Runners Association comes in, as they will ratify the record. Phil Essam is an Aussie with a mission and that is to promote multiday and ultra running in Australia and the world.  He is the inaugural chairman of the World Runners Association and plans to take both the WRA and the World Runners Club and its members, to heights never before achieved.  


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