10 Christmas Presents for Cyclists

Dec 10 2014 0 Comments December 2014

Fast Santa Claus On The Bike
Christmas is just around the corner and our thoughts are now turning to gifts.  There are many wonderful presents you can buy for your cyclist friends or family members.
    We all want our family and friends to be safe on the road all year round, so a reflective cycling vest or a reflective belt will make an excellent gift and shows that you care.
      You could easily fill a stocking with cycling gear.  Have a look at cycling gloves, socks, sunscreen, energy bars and snacks, and fun items like a pizza cutter shaped like a bike. There is even a six-bottle bike bag which attaches to your crossbar, into which you would obviously only put bottles of water.
        There is an incredible selection of cycling computers to choose from, depending on the size of your pocket.  The top of the range cycling computers tells you your speed, distance, cadence and heart rate, while plotting your route and giving you directions on when and where to turn.  In fact, they do everything except pedal and steer.
          The selection of panniers/saddle bags is tremendous.  They range from suiting the backpacker to the businessman off to the office for the day.  You can even buy an old fashioned basket to put on the front of your bike – assuming you can cope with the ridicule. There are backpacks galore to choose from and some even incorporate hydration packs.
            1. TOOL KIT
            Every cyclist needs a tool kit and there are some stylish ones to be bought, which neatly fit underneath the saddle.  One contains all the tools needed for an emergency, including a tyre iron, and it has a bottle opener for the occasions where you can’t fix the problem.
              1. LIGHT/CAMERA
              There is a marvellous creation out there which looks like a rear light but is actually a camera.  It not only records video, it also records sound and can give you playback of your ride over the mountains or a playback of the guy who forced you off the road. There are also conventional video cameras which you can attach to the front of your bike which incorporate a wrist display so you can see what you are recording. This is a great gift for avid videographers slash cyclists.
                1. HELMET
                Helmets are an essential part of every cyclist’s outfit and all too often the fact that they are becoming a little worn and perhaps even cracked, goes unnoticed.  Buy your loved one a really good helmet to protect them in any case of an accident.
                  1. CLOTHING AND SHOES
                  Clothing and shoes designed especially for cyclists are expensive, so most cyclists would appreciate an addition to their cycling wardrobe, whether it be shorts, shirts, rainproof jackets or the latest cycling shoes.
                    There are lots of free apps available for cyclists today which do everything but ride the bike, but many of these apps have premium upgrades which need to be paid for.  Your friend may welcome this as a sign of encouragement for the next year ahead.  Cycling magazine subscriptions and books related to cycling are also very welcome gifts and serve as inspiration and guide to a cyclist’s favourite pastime.
                        10. NEW BIKE
                    If you’re at a loss as to what to buy for that very special someone in your life, and your pocket will allow it, buy them a new bike.  It is every cyclist’s dream to upgrade their bike and perhaps win the Tour de France one day.


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