Christmas Day Bike Rides

Dec 16 2014 0 Comments December 2014

Riding a bike in style, Christmas postcard
Why not do something different on Christmas Day this year and go for a bike ride in a city on Christmas Day? The roads in the big cities of the world such as London, New York, Paris and Sydney, are really quiet on Christmas Day and there aren’t many days of the year where you can say that. You could time your ride so you are there after dark when you could enjoy the city Christmas lights – obviously much earlier in the northern hemisphere than the southern.
You can opt to put on your reflective cycling vest or reflective belt and go out on your own or with a couple of friends, or you can join an organised ride through a club. There are many clubs all over the world that organise Christmas Day rides. These vary from an early two hour morning ride to a whole day which takes in coffee, lunch and in the UK in particular, a couple of stops at the pub for a non-alcoholic beverage of course. You can ride through city parks and enjoy a picnic and then head off to see the Christmas lights before going home for Christmas dinner. Tokyo has a ride on 23rd December, starting at 5 pm, where anyone who wants to join in has to dress up as Santa. Imagine riding through the streets of Tokyo without lots of traffic, enjoying the amazing Christmas lights - what a pleasure. It is a joyous occasion and lots of people come out to cheer on the Santas, who ride merrily through the streets ringing their bicycle bells with all their might. Sydney has lots of cycle paths dotted around the city so why not enjoy the Christmas lights with a tour of the CBD (Central Business District) in the evening and then join the crowds at Bondi for a festive evening. Imagine cycling through the streets of New York with only a few cars on the road, taking in the lights and scenery. Take a trip down the Champs Elysees in Paris on Christmas Day with hardly a car in sight. If the weather is right, pack a picnic and enjoy it on the Left Bank. Cycle through Vienna, Berlin, Florence, Zurich, Geneva, Prague, Venice, Rome and enjoy these cities without the traffic, take in the sights without the crowds and get some exercise at the same time.


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