2014 Tuvizo Reflective Vest Product Reviews

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The year 2014 has been a great one for Tuvizo achieving the number one spot in the Reflective Gear category on Amazon and being featured in numerous reviews from certified bloggers on related niches. We can't wait to unveil new products and surprises to come in 2015! Below are the current live Tuvizo Reflective Vest reviews that we have had last year:

Tuvizo Review

1. Eric Hunley aka "Hampton Runner" first reviewed our yellow vest in November 2014 and discussed the things he liked about it such as the intuitive clasps and the super adjustable straps. As an additional dose of inspiration, here's an anecdote about his journey: Eric once weighed 283 lbs last 2012, he changed his life because of running. He became healthier and looked better than ever. He does reviews and hosts a variety of other relevant tips on his website. Check out his review again.  

Tuvizo Review

2. Runner and mother  of two, Jill Conyers next featured our Tuvizo Reflective Vest in her 2014 Christmas Gift Guide and Giveaway for fitness enthusiasts in December. On her website, she shares tips not just for runners but for all fitness enthusiasts ranging from running to gadgets you can play about with in your kitchen. She is both a trainer and a fitness ambassador. You can still check out her giveaway list and perhaps you can find a thing or two you can't live without!  

Tuvizo Review

3. Raina Raka "Small Town Runner" also reviewed our product in December receiving much attention on social media, especially Twitter and Google+. She went above and beyond letting her followers know about our product not just on her blog but also on her social feed. She emphasized the product's simplicity in design and believes that visibility must be aimed at for safety, hence her encouragement of frequent use of reflective vests such as ours! Based on her Twitter bio, she is a runner focused on improving her racing and training. On her website, she blogs and shares about her running experiences and it is both inspiring and fun. In case you missed it, here's her fab Tuvizo reflective vest review again.  

Tuvizo Review

4. On the last Tuesday of 2014, She did a fun and cute review of our #pink Tuvizo Reflective Vest on her website. Aside from the review, she also shared some key safety points for all runners. Here's her T'n'T Tuesday review for you to check out. Thank you very much Eric, Jill, Raina, and Jess! We can't wait to see more memories and reviews this 2015!


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