Tuvizo — April 2015

Mindfulness Improves Quality Of Life

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Where do you find mindfulness? WHAT IS MINDFULNESS? Mindfulness has been around for centuries but it is only in recent times that the Western world has taken note of it. Mindfulness is the art of being in the present, not letting thoughts of the past or the future cloud the joy of being in the now.  It helps you to rid yourself of negative thoughts before they take control of your life.  Through the art of meditation and deep breathing you are taught to be in control of your thoughts and your reactions to them.  You begin to take note of...

Yoga – History, Branches And Health Benefits

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  Yoga is an ancient practice which unifies mind, body and spirit. The word yoga literally means ‘yoke’ or ‘join’ and derives from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit.   One of the joys of yoga is that everyone can start it, no matter what their age or their state of health or state of mind.  In this fast paced world, we are always in a rush and stressed to a certain degree and yoga allows us to centre ourselves, giving us a feeling of vitality, calm and well being. Long time yoga teacher and author, Shakta Kaur Khalsa, says “Yoga promises –...