Tuvizo — August 2014

Riding A Tandem Is Easy, Here's How You And Your Partner Can Do It Safely

Aug 22 2014 0 Comments August 2014

People choose to ride a tandem for different reasons.  For some, it is the joy of riding with a loved one, whether it’s your partner or your child or a close friend.  For people with disabilities, it is a chance to get on the open road, which would otherwise have not been possible.  It is an excellent solution for two people who ride together but are not of the same standard – no more waiting around! LEARNING TO RIDE A TANDEM If you can ride a bike, you can ride a tandem but there are a few skills to be...

Are Compulsory Reflective Vests For Motorists Effective?

Aug 20 2014 0 Comments August 2014

    Many countries in Europe insist that motorists carry at least one reflective vest in their vehicle and some countries insist on carrying two reflective vests.  In other countries, the law dictates that there must be one vest for each occupant.   In these countries, you will be subject to an on the spot fine should you be found flouting the law.     In the UK alone, nine people die on the roads every day.  In the States it is around 100 people per day, in Australia it is around 3 per day and in India, it is close...

Why We Love To Run

Aug 19 2014 0 Comments August 2014

People run for different reasons such as weight loss, fitness or just because they love to run.  They drag themselves out of bed, don their fluorescent tops, reflective running belts and reflective running vest and go out in all weathers, to run.  They experience pain, frustration and loneliness but they continue to do it – why? Most runners will tell you that it is the joy they get out of running that makes them continue week after week, pushing through the pain and sweat, to achieve the mental and physical goals they have set themselves.  The joy runners feel is reflected in...

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