Tuvizo — August 2014

Tuvizo Reflective Vest Gets Great Feedback

Aug 14 2014 0 Comments August 2014

Judging from the comments left on Amazon, buyers of the Tuvizo reflective vest are delighted with their purchase.  Lise Kirk sums up what a lot of people are saying, “FINALLY – a vest that fits and doesn’t get in your way, weigh you down or add more heat to the equation.  Thank you, Tuvizo.” HIGH REFLECTIVE QUALITY Another of Tuvizo’s customers has bought eight different reflective vests over the years and finds the reflective qualities of Tuvizo’s to be the best.  Laurie actually got her boyfriend to run wearing a Tuvizo reflective vest and she followed him in a car...

Bike Touring In The States 101

Aug 13 2014 0 Comments August 2014

The USA has so much to offer to the cycling adventurer – sea, mountains, forests, grasslands, swamps, lakes and deserts.  Look at the US Bicycle Route System which is being putting together to offer a network of cycling routes, and plans to be the largest in the world; already forty states have participated.Your first decision has to be what sort of terrain you want to cycle through.  Once you have made that choice, the next one will be to plan your route and decide how far you want to travel each day.  There are many companies out there who will...

Get Lit Not Hit - Safety Out Horse Riding

Aug 13 2014 0 Comments August 2014

The most important thing to remember when you are riding your horse on a road or pathway next to a road, is that most people haven’t ridden a horse and therefore have no clue that most horses can be spooked very easily.  Make sure that you are confident that you can handle your horse should he react to say, a dog running out of a gate towards him or someone using their horn behind him.  If you are unsure of your riding skills, then don’t take your horse out onto the road.   REFLECTIVE GEAR It is vital that both...

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