Tuvizo — February 2015

The Historical Timeline of Bicycles and Cycling

Feb 17 2015 0 Comments February 2015

It is strange to think that the bicycle appeared in our lives only 200 years ago. It is even stranger when we look at one of the reasons behind this invention.In 1817 Baron Karl von Drais produced his Laufmaschine (running machine), also called the Draisienne or the mechanical horse. Oddly enough, this invention was in response to a need to find a replacement for the horse. On 10th April 1815 Mount Tambora, in Indonesia, erupted and, over the next two years, there was a slight lowering of global temperatures, causing crops to fail worldwide and, animals, such as the horse...

Fuel Your Run – Marathon Diet Planning

Feb 02 2015 0 Comments February 2015

THE ULTRA MARATHON – WHAT TO EAT ON YOUR BIG DAY What we eat and what agrees with our particular body and digestive system varies greatly from person to person. When running an ultra marathon our bodies need fuel. The question is which fuel is right for us? Michael Arnstein is a New Yorker who runs ultra marathons. He is a fruitarian and his fuel on ultra marathon day is between 40 to 50 bananas and it works for him. In 2005, ultra marathon runner Dean Karnazes ran for over 80 hours without sleep. In 2006 he ran fifty marathons...