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Safe On The Job - A Reflective Vest For Road Workers

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Every year thousands of road workers are killed or injured throughout the world.  There are many ways that these injuries and fatalities can be reduced.  One of the major problems is visibility.  Motorists have a habit of ignoring speed limits, especially slow limits around road works.  The work men on site need to be highly visible to the motorist and must highly visible clothing like a reflective vest or belt.  Studies have been done in the UK and the US which show that high visibility gear is not enough to protect the workers, they need to wear reflective gear as...


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Cycling is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.  It is also a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness.  Many people, with varying disabilities, were unable to enjoy this sport until the advent of the handcycle about thirty years ago.  This invention from the Netherlands, has enabled people with lower-limb mobility problems, to take to the road again on their arm-powered vehicles.  It is growing in popularity daily and was added as an event for the first time at the 2004 Paralympics. VISIBILITY Handcycles travel much lower to the ground that ordinary bicycles and so visibility...


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Skateboarding is undeniably a fun activity and is increasing in popularity worldwide.  There are the inevitable cuts and bruises but more serious injuries can be avoided with a little care and common sense.  Buying the right protective and reflective gear, such as a safety vest, will help prevent injury.Start slowly – learn to turn, slow down and stop before you begin any fancy manoeuvres.BUYING YOUR SKATEBOARDMake sure you buy the right board for your activity.  There are skateboards for speed, slalom and freestyle.  Some boards only allow a certain body weight – check this out carefully before you buy.Before you go...

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