Tuvizo — November 2014

Jim Fixx – The Man Who Started It All

Apr 04 2019 0 Comments November 2014

The New York City Marathon was held last Sunday 2nd of November and it is a good time to remember Jim Fixx. How many of you recognize the name Jim Fixx? He is the man who is praised for getting Americans to realize that jogging and running are good for your health. He wrote books, appeared on radio and TV shows, gave lectures and started running clinics and clubs. Before Jim Fixx started the running revolution in the States, anyone who was seen running on the streets was looked at rather strangely. WHY JIM FIXX STARTED HIS RUNNING REVOLUTION Jim Fixx...

Dervla Murphy – Cyclist, Traveller And Writer

Nov 28 2014 0 Comments November 2014

Dervla Murphy celebrates her 83rd birthday today, the 28th day of November and what an 83 years it has been.  She has spent her life cycling and travelling and writing 25 books about her adventures and her views on various political situations around the world. YOUNG LIFE Dervla Murphy couldn’t be any more Irish – there isn’t a hint of anything else in her ancestry.  Sadly, she had to leave school at the age of fourteen to nurse her mother, who was crippled with arthritis, but as her father was the local librarian, her education certainly didn’t stop. Dervla nursed her mother...

November Marks the Beginning of the Motorcycle Toy Run Worldwide

Nov 21 2014 0 Comments November 2014

If you are traveling on the road and see hundreds of burly bikers wearing their motorcycle reflective vests and carrying teddy bears, don’t think you are hallucinating, November and December are Motorcycle Toy Run months all over the world. THE HISTORY BEHIND THE MOTORCYCLE TOY RUNS Most Toy Runs began in the 1970s, beginning in the States and rapidly spreading worldwide.  The first Toy Runs usually had a handful of riders with teddy bears strapped to their bikes. They deliver these to hospitals, children’s homes or other areas where children were in need. Today, cities throughout the world host Toy...

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