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Josie Dew – Cycling Fanatic And Travel Writer

Oct 31 2014 0 Comments October 2014

What an amazing lady Josie Dew is.  Not only has she been passionate about cycling since she was 11 years old, but she was determined not to let the birth of her children interrupt her travels.  Josie’s first baby, Mollie, was born in 2006 and initially accompanied her strapped to the back of the bike and later in a Burley trailer.  When Daisy was born in 2010, Josie bought a Nihola Gay trike and took both girls with her on her travels.  Jack was born in 2013 and that hasn’t stopped Josie from taking her brood with her wherever she...

Headaches While Exercising

Oct 30 2014 0 Comments October 2014

Headaches are a common occurrence among people who exercise regularly.  The jury is out on the exact cause of headaches but it is thought that it is partly due to the change in blood flow to the brain that occurs during exercise.  Running, swimming, weight lifting, rowing and tennis are the top sports when it comes to headaches. PRIMARY AND SECONDARY HEADACHES The medical profession puts exercise headaches into two categories – primary and secondary headaches.  The former are usually harmless headaches and can be treated with over the counter medication.  Secondary headaches, on the other hand, are caused by...

The Three Most Common Running Injuries And How To Avoid Them

Oct 29 2014 0 Comments October 2014

  RUNNER’S KNEE Runner’s knee, or patellofemeral pain syndrome (PMPS), is the most common injury amongst runners – some studies put it as high as 22% of all injuries.  Pain is felt just below the kneecap and this pain will increase as the intensity of exercise increases.  Although runner’s knee is a minor problem which can be managed with rest, it is a most frustrating one which can put you out of the field for a while. There are many factors which cause this debilitating condition, varying from ill fitting shoes or shoes with poor support, to uneven running surfaces...

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