Tuvizo — October 2014

Running As A Family

Oct 23 2014 0 Comments October 2014

  Serious runners spend many hours away from their families with their daily running, cross training, club meetings, physical therapy and massages. Many runners enjoy their ‘alone’ time, which allows them to put life’s daily stresses into perspective but there is no reason why the rest of the family cannot be involved. TINY TOTS When children are tiny, it is obviously not feasible for them to start running but, with a friend or partner’s help, they can come to races and cheer you on.  Dress them in running clothes and a reflective running vest and give them flags to wave,...

Five International Marathons For Your Bucket List

Oct 22 2014 0 Comments October 2014

Runners around the world share the same passion for their chosen sport.  They don’t need to speak another language; running is a language of its own which brings like minded people together.  So pack your running shoes, water bottle, reflective vest or reflective band, and head off for an adventure on another continent. ATHENS MARATHON Let’s begin at the very beginning – the story behind the marathon.  In Greece in 490 BC, a runner by the name of Pheidippides, was sent from the battlefield at Marathon to Athens, to report of an Athenian victory against the Persians.  Legend has it...

The New Tuvizo Reflective Belt

Oct 21 2014 0 Comments October 2014

Tuvizo is one hundred percent committed to helping people stay safe while practising their chosen form of exercise.  This commitment has prompted the inclusion of another quality product to our range – a plain elastic reflective belt.   This fully adjustable reflective belt is available in yellow and pink and opens and closes with a simple clip.  It makes its wearer highly visible in both daylight and perhaps more importantly in darkness when the belt reflects light from vehicle headlights and street lights or any other light source. It measures from 62 cm to 120 cm long by 4 cm wide;...

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