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RUNNING GEAR AND VISIBILITY 1. Wear some sort of reflective vest in all weather conditions.  A reflective safety vest is a good choice, as it covers the largest surface of your body.  You could wear a reflective running gear such as a belt but just make sure your clothes don’t cover it.  Reflective ankle bands are a good addition in aiding high visibility to other road users. 2. Choosing the right running shoe is a must in order to prevent injury and ensure you perform at your best.  There are many to choose from, in various price brackets.  The wrong...


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Ninety percent of accidents involving cyclists and vehicles occur because the driver says he didn’t see the cyclist – SMIDSY – the “sorry mate, I didn’t see you” excuse. When choosing the right clothing and gear for safe cycling, ensure that reflective clothing is right at the top of your list. Whether you are cycling in conditions with excellent visibility or cycling in mist or at night, reflective clothing and reflective stickers are essential for your safety.  Studies have shown that black clothing with the right reflective gear or strips is just as effective as wearing fluorescent high visibility gear...


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BE SEEN 1. Rule number one is that you must be seen by other road users.  Wearing reflective gear is essential: even in daylight conditions visibility may not be 100 per cent, so wearing a reflective cycling vest is an excellent way to ensure you are seen by other people on the road. 2. Stick reflective strips onto your bike. 3. Wearing reflective ankle and wrist bands allows you to be seen by other road users at night or in conditions of low visibility.  Your ankles are constantly moving while you are pedalling, this tells other motorists that you are...

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