2014 Tuvizo Reflective Vest Product Reviews

Jan 15 2015 0 Comments January 2015

The year 2014 has been a great one for Tuvizo achieving the number one spot in the Reflective Gear category on Amazon and being featured in numerous reviews from certified bloggers on related niches. We can't wait to unveil new products and surprises to come in 2015! Below are the current live Tuvizo Reflective Vest reviews that we have had last year: 1. Eric Hunley aka "Hampton Runner" first reviewed our yellow vest in November 2014 and discussed the things he liked about it such as the intuitive clasps and the super adjustable straps. As an additional dose of inspiration, here's an anecdote about his journey:...

Runners – Look Out For These Tell Tale Signs

Jan 15 2015 0 Comments January 2015

You leap enthusiastically out of bed, quickly shower, put on your running clothes and shoes, your reflective running belt or reflective vest and you are out of the door ready for your early morning run. However, sometimes there are obvious signs that all is not well on your run. PAIN Minor aches and pains are part and parcel of running. Knee pain, shin splints, tight hamstrings are all experienced by runners, especially people new to the activity. However, if the pain is severe and doesn’t seem to want to go away, then it could be due to one of two...

The Tour D’afrique

Jan 13 2015 0 Comments January 2015

On 9th January 2015 a group of intrepid cyclists started on a four month long journey, cycling from Cairo to Cape Town. During their four months, they will cycle 12,076 kms (7,503 miles) through ten countries – this is the Tour d’Afrique and it is definitely not for the faint hearted. For those who do not have four months to spare, cyclists can join in the fun and do one or two legs of the trip. THE JOURNEY Travelling from the Cape to Cairo or vice versa has been on many people’s bucket list ever since Cecil John Rhodes dreamt...

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